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Vooya - Passion without Borders
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Vooya aims to assist curious minds to find their true passion and authentic voice to strive for a purposeful life. Vooya believes that passion is the key of living; It is the driving force behind success and happiness that allows us all to live a better life. It is Vooya's primary objective to facilitate learning by filling in the missing gaps of a person's development of knowledge.

We provide an end-to-end journey of self-discovery.With our three main services – Vooya Lab, Vooya Journey, and Vooya Coach, we will help our participants to understand themselves by uncovering their genuine potentials, to discover what they really love doing through a voyage of passion exploration, and to finally set the goals of their lifetime.

Be a part of the first and only experiential learning provider and wholistic passion consultant in Indonesia. Help us inspire people and assist them throughout the journey of self- discovery!

If you are the one who has a huge concern in education, an infinite creativity, a spirit for adventure, and a passion for the exploration of ideas, you must be the one we are looking for.

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