Menurut statistik, memasukkan kota Anda pada kotak "Kota, Bagian Negara", meningkatkan peluang untuk mendapatkan pekerjaan yang sesuai sebesar 83.7%.


Lowongan kerja Penulis

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Company Confidential  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility The Content Writer will work closely with marketing department. To brainstorming creating, editing content and transforming ideas into words into company event or package articles, campaigns and advertisement content. Do copywriting / storytelling...
7 hari yang lalu
De Trend International Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Write clear, attractive & compelling marketing story with a distinct voice for various mediums e.g. website, facebook, blog posts, newsletters, ads, etc. Interpret project briefs to understand project requirements. Conduct high-quality interviews...
9 hari yang lalu
DNL Events Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility The Malaysian Entrepreneurs Festival ® is a business community which is based under a community series of events which are hosted across the country with the purpose of helping fellow entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals via our festival...
5 hari yang lalu
Company Confidential  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Creative content planning Quality control editorial plan Create strategy for content Doing content planning and monitoring  Check copy for spelling and grammars errors. Job Requirements You're still an undergraduate student from...
2 hari yang lalu
Victor Group  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Proof writing Involve in planning and brainstorming of marketing communication strategies and materials Interest and knowledge in digital communication and marketing, i.e social media, would be an advantage Collaborate with creative team...
2 hari yang lalu
Digital Zoopedia Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Assist our head writer in daily tasks: Write/rewrite contents from source articles on the website assigned to you (Daily) Achieve daily articles quota Update the Google worksheet daily Report and update on daily basis Assist head writer...
6 hari yang lalu
Company Confidential  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Memastikan suasana kerja yang enjoy dan gembira.  Kreatif dalam penulisan dan sentiasa memberikan ilmu yang bermanfaat dan tepat Job Requirements Content Writer diperlukan untuk update page Facebook kami Bahasa yang diperlukan ialah Inggeris...
3 hari yang lalu
Global Talent Resources  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Setting weekly calendar for planning articles writing related to healthcare. Articles translation Work closely with illustrator for articles art work. Social media management with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, CARI etc. Patient...
9 hari yang lalu
PGroup  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Provide copywriting, planning, editing, proofreading on a wide range of projects Learn about current company product offerings to write promotional messages accordingly Create innovative and engaging copy in line with brand voice and target...
3 hari yang lalu
Desigva Interior Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility You will be responsible for creating content and be the lead for publication. Produce quality and share-worthy content Help source and create interesting and meaningful content Work with team to grow company's page views and reach KPIs ...
19 hari yang lalu
Ei Vision International Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Write on on-going and newsworthy content for print and web purposes. Translate any source of business interest for marketing and other departments’ use. The copywriter will develop ideas, outlines, conduct research and apply best practices and strategies...
15 hari yang lalu
MS IDEC Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Write unique, creative content for corporate website, PPT, brochure, social media platform, catalogues, mobile apps and other marketing communication media. To propose develop creative concepts and effective message for events as well as to create...
26 hari yang lalu
Company Confidential  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Familiar with financial technology, big data, real-time financial information; Possesses strong analytical skills; solid writing skills and editing capabilities; Basic financial knowledge, familiar with variety of financial products; Able...
28 hari yang lalu
ML Lee Industrial Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Responsible for working along with digital marketing department to assist online marketing campaigns and execution. Tasked to research on new initiatives that will generate online sales improve customers service experience. Job Requirements...
16 hari yang lalu
Extra Media Network  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Discussing client's core message and target audience Brainstorming visual and copy ideas with other members of the creative team Writing and presenting a few options to clients Overseeing the production phase Managing client facebook...
14 hari yang lalu
Maxota Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility ~ Provide copywriting for all Company's collateral materials ~ provide translation for COmpany's materials as and when needed ~ To contribute in creative communication, written content for markerting and promotional collaterals, advertisements...
18 hari yang lalu
Mitosis Sdn. Bhd.  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Writing creative ad copy for online ads Writing articles to drive ad campaigns Creating copy for landing pages Brainstorm ideas with team members for new ideas Research and understand client brands, products, and campaign details in ...
23 hari yang lalu
MYDOC Asia Sdn Bhd  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility Memberi sokongan pelanggan melalui e-mel/telefon/sembang maya secara beretika dan profesional terutamanya semasa berdepan dengan pelbagai kerenah pelanggan. Menetapkan kalendar mingguan untuk penulisan artikel. Terjemahan artikel (Dari ...
10 jam yang lalu
Bengkel Raswo  -  Danukusuman, Surakarta Kota Rp 1,50juta
JOB DESCRIPTION Penulis Buku Otomotif (Surakarta) JOB REQUIREMENT• Lulusan D3 Otomotif • Energik • Creative • Cekatan • Gaji 1,5Jt
17 hari yang lalu
4 Thirteen Group Sdn. Bhd.  -  Di luar negeri
Job Responsibility We’re looking for the creator of Malaysia’s next viral sensation. As our social media content creator, you’ll be in charge of producing the memes, videos and graphics that have people laughing their guts out - and thinking about your work long after...
15 hari yang lalu