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Bengkulu (provinsi)
Job Description: Build and maintain Bilna's technology Infrastructure (Web Infrastructure and Cloud Computing) Expeditiously troubleshoot application production issues that resolve the issues without causing additional problems Review and analyze the effectiveness... 
22 hari yang lalu
Bengkulu (provinsi)
 ...issues potentially impacting the on time completion or quality level of work Requirements: A Bachelor's Degree of Informatic Technology or Computer Science or equivalent At least 2 years experience in Web Programmer / Web Developer Excellent coding ability... 
22 hari yang lalu
 ...devastated by a chain of cataclysmic events leading to a pandemic collapse of governments. The human race narrowly escapes Earth with technology amassed by mega-corporations, and colonizes Mars and Venus. As Venus becomes home to the working class, and Mars the seat of... 
1 sebulan lalu
Indonesia to create content for our display monitors. All other software required will be supplied by us. Autostereoscopic screens require no special glasses for viewing of 3D televisions.Graphic artist must be based in Brisbane / Gold Coast area for use of our technology.... 
1 sebulan lalu

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