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Codigo Cyberlin Metadata

Situs web
Bidang usaha Teknologi informasi
Tanggal pendirian 2013
Jumlah pegawai hingga 500 pegawai

PT. Codigo Cyberlin Metadata is digital solution company engaged in the field of software development. In 2013, Codigo founded by young professionals who have had successful experience of more than 10 years in the information industry media and modern technology.

Codigo established with the aim to provide integrated digital solutions and produce the digital products with advanced technology and easy to use so as to assist and accelerate the success of the business development process.

We are always looking to hire amazing talents who fit into our forward-thinking culture. We want people who care deeply about creative design and code, just like we do.

We provide high quality health facilities for all our employees because we know healthy employees are productive employees.

We provide all employees with additional training and education, and provide them with opportunities to become trainers. We also have a Startup Studio program for our employees to become entrepreneurs that we’ll support both financially and technically. Dare to be the next entrepreneur!

We offer a competitive salary as a form of appreciation for hard work and professionalism. On top of that, we offer other kinds of benefits that’ll help our employees thrive with us.

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