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Soon after marriage, Mr. Paulus Tumewu and his wife, Tan Lee Chuan, left the family home in Ujung Pandang,Sulawesi to begin business in Jakarta. They has envisioned a department store that sold quality goods at affordable price for the low income segment. In 1978 they opened their first store which specialized mainly in garment and clothing in Jalan Sabang. They named their store “Ramayana Fashion Store”

Being One of the most prominent department stores in Indonesia, positioned to cater to the lower- to lower middle market, Ramayana has grown and prospered with the increased disposable income of average Indonesians, numbering in the tens of million families. First established as a modest effort in 1978, today Ramayana stands as a market leader in its retail segment.

With the good growth of the store, new lines of products were added to compliment the original focus of the business, which was garment and clothing. In 1985, fashion apparels such as shoes, handbags, accessories were introduced. Moving forward with optimism, Ramayana was also expanding its coverage area. In that same year, the first store outlet outside Jakarta was opened in Bandung.

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