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PT. Tamaris Hydro

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PT Tamaris Hidro ("TH") was established on October 5, 2011 and is the holding company for Mini Hydro Power Plant Projects (MHPP), with the following activities:

Development Activities : Searching for many potential locations for mini hydro power plant projects all over Indonesia or finding unfinished potential projects for acquisition purpose.

Investment Activities : Tamaris Hydro invests mainly in many MHPP projects and carries the development, construction, and operation of the power plants.

Lowongan di perusahaan PT. Tamaris Hydro

  • Maintenance Staff - PV Solar


    Memelihara peralatan yang ada di pembangkit listrik baik secara prefentif, prediktif, maupun korektif dengan memperhatikan keamanan peralatan dan personil secara berkala sesuai Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) yang sudah disetujui oleh manajemen; Mempersiapkan laporan...
  • Accounting Staff


    Process Accounts Payable transactions on a daily basis. Prepare relevant accounting paperwork, including bank reconciliation statements and monthly accounts. Be an integral part of the documentation process. Keep track of inventory inflow and outflow. Assess reports...
  • Sales Engineer


    As a sales engineer, candidat will meet and build rapport with potential clients from various backgrounds, positions, and industries. The job will also entail frequent travelling with destination ranging from cities to isolated areas. In addition, the candidate will be ...
  • Process Engineer Desalination and Brine Process


    A broad experience working with different type of process control DCS or PLC. Adequate experience on desalination technologies and their pretreatment; membrane water treatment. Experience in preparation of scope split matrix for vendor packages requirements; review...