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PT Madael Prima Sejahtera

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In today's era, the speed, the efficiency and the effectiveness of the organization in anticipating the sustainable growth and continuous changes are the keys to be exist in the current and in the future competitive environment. Therefore, we are here to support and work together with you through the strategic people management, organization and business development, effective and efficient administration system, and tactical business solutions, to ensure that your investment will be fruitful for all of stakeholders are involved in your business.

Our Specialties :

  • Organization Restructuring,
  • Strategic People Management,
  • Training and Development,
  • Coaching and Mentoring,
  • Industrial Relations and Settlement of Disputes,
  • Community Relations,
  • Government Relations,
  • Company Policies and Regulations,
  • Collective Labor Agreement,
  • Salary Structure,
  • General Affairs and Office Management,
  • Executive Search,
  • Organization Development

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