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PT C Channel Media Indonesia

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Kawaii Beauty Japan, managed by PT Media Makmur, is an online media portal from Japan specialized in providing the latest and trending information and products related to beauty, health, and lifestyle.

As of November 24, 2016, following the acquisition of Tokyo-based C Channel, PT Media Makmur since then operates as a subsidiary of C Channel Corporation, with brand name C Channel Indonesia. C Channel Indonesia aims to grab the market of young female as the loyal users and viewers. Bolstered with the strengths of media channel and SEO from Kawaii Beauty Japan, C Channel Indonesia has been growing rapidly in extraordinary pace to capture the market.

Our team consists of people with sheer passion and high motivation to make impact and deliver great values. It’s what makes us stronger and solid in achieving our objectives.

In C Channel, we believe that people is the greatest assets for the company. We invest in our people greatly and believe in their commitment and competency.

Let’s join our team, we will have extraordinary growth and development together!

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