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Merpati Mahardika

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PT Merpati Mahardika was established in early 90s as a trading company, which helps international cosmetic raw material manufacturer to reach Indonesian Market. Over a short time of period, PT Merpati Mahardika has progressively become a leader on manufacturing natural botanical extract. MMNatures is a leading brand of natural botanical extract, manufactured by PT Merpati Mahardika.

Initially, PT Merpati Mahardika was actually a small home industry. We are very pleased to see that it has expanded its wings so fast. It now owns a five floor office residing in about 2500 square meters in west Jakarta and three factories, located in over 90,000 square meters in Tangerang, West Java. 

We fulfill international standards and procedures for the best quality of all our botanical extracts. We have obtained international standards such as ISO 9001 for quality management systems, ISO 22000 for standardization dealing with food safety, a good manufacturing practice (GMP) for a production and testing practice, HALAL certification and CPOTB (“Cara Pembuatan Obat Tradisional yang Baik”) for cosmetic products.

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