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Bidang usaha Hiburan dan rekreasi
Tanggal pendirian 2012
Jumlah pegawai hingga 500 pegawai

Established in 2012, started with a small team of 10 people. Today, we’ve already made our way as one of Indonesia’s biggest Online Travel Agent (OTA) with with more than 170 travel enthusiasts located in Indonesia's major 5 cities.

However, we are far from the finish line. We still have gazillion things to do to realize our mission: becoming the #1 OTA in Indonesia. And we could use your help along the journey.

There’s nothing better than doing the jobs you love, surrounded by people you care about. That’s why we always treat everyone in the team as part of our own family.

We work, we laugh, we chat, we party and we laugh some more. Discussing a project with your manager over cigarette and coffee? We love it! Having a course followed by pizza and karaoke standoff? Hey, we do that too!

We truly believe there is no expiration date on learning. We love to learn something new every day, whether it’s the latest hacking techniques or logical thinking tips. Every week we held fun, productive and interactive classes in each department. Don’t worry, we provide free snacks in these classes.

We encourage each member of our teams to expand their knowledge...on our expense! Every employee is entitled to attend seminars/workshops/trainings of their desire to support their work. Don’t worry about the cost; we got you covered

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