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Established in 2014, FiberStar has grown to be nationwide infrastructure service provider.

Fiber Optic is the backbone for future digitalization where this media has a constant higher speed, high level of security, wide coverage and capacity of data transmission much larger when compared to existing technologies.

As an Infrastructure Service Provider, we adopt net neutrality and our technology can facilitate business model integration among any Internet Service Provider, Pay TV Provider and Cellular Telecommunication Provider in Indonesia.

We are committed to expand our Fiber Optic coverage rapidly accross the nation. We are currently connecting cities in Sumatera, Jawa, Bali, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi which will certainly facilitate our customers and partners to grow their business without any restrictions.

Full Fiber Networks are capable of supporting the growth and development in delivering advanced triple-play telecommunications services.

We have obtained a Nationwide License for “Fixed Local Network Provider Based on Packet Switched” from Minister of Communication and Informatics, Republic of Indonesia in 2014.

People development means investment, and we believe, by investing in our people, we are strengthening our organization. We believe that coaching method is a valuable and giving people a chance to learn and develop their ability and skills. In that way, great talent are inspired to keep growing and improving themselves.

  1. Our management believe that by investing in our people we are strengthening our organization.
  2. We believe coaching is a valuable and rewarding learning and development activity.
  3. To keep great talent should recognizing their efforts and keep inspire them to grow and improve.

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